At OrbitalAds, we can find new long-tail keywords, as well as optimize the performance of mid-tail keywords. Our solution is language agnostic, works with your existing SEM tools, and is designed to be used by both in-house SEM teams and digital marketing agencies.

Find valuable new keywords

We analyze your Google Search Terms Report using semantic targeting to understand which terms are of high value to your business and to discover new keyword opportunities.

Improve keyword performance

Our Keyword Relocator determines if keywords are in the optimal place within your campaigns and, if they aren’t, it moves them to the campaign where they will perform best.

Analyze word usage

Using our Word Influence Analyzer, we can identify words within your search terms that have a positive impact on your campaigns, as well as remove the ones that have a negative effect.

Optimize DSA campaigns

Our DSA Keyword Locator selects the best performing keywords within your DSA campaigns and positions them in specific AdGroups, to optimize performance.

Powerful algorithms that help you discover high-value Keywords

AI and machine learning solution that uses semantic targeting to optimize the performance of your Google Ads Search Campaigns


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