Automated Google Ads Optimization

Delivered by the OrbitalAds Artificial Intelligence engine


Set your business goals, retain control

You retain strategic control at all times with full traceability, while OrbitalAds automated activities optimize your campaigns. You focus on strategy, we do the rest.


Group related Adgroups to apply shared settings


Set rules for achieve specific and accurate objectives


Design content strategies for your campaigns

Find valuable new keywords

Our activities detect among thousands of Search Terms the keywords that are most valuable for your campaigns, and causes an increase in the KPI's related to your conversions and minimizes costs.

Improve keyword placement

Activities analyze keywords and add them to the ideal adgroup or relocate to the optimal position, continuously ensuring account optimization.

Analyze keyword usage

Automated analysis of the words that compose Search Terms, identifying words driving maximum value, enabling continuous optimization.

Optimize DSA campaigns

Continuously identifying via the DSA campaigns, valuable keywords that can be introduced to Search Campaigns, scaling the value contributed to your account via DSA campaigns.

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