What Is Ad Relevance and How to Improve It in Google Ads

Ad relevance is a critical element for Google Ads. It's one of the many elements determining your quality score, which can impact your ad rank. So, what exactly is ad relevance? How do you improve it? How does it affect quality scores? In this post, we'll explain the basics of ad relevance and share some best practices for improving it.

What Is Ad Relevance?

Ad relevance measures an ad’s relevance to a particular page or website. It’s based on several metrics, including the number of ads shown to the user while on the site. In other words, if you have many ads on your page, but those ads aren’t relevant to your audience, you’ll see lower ad relevance numbers.

How Is Ad Relevance Measured?

Ad relevance is measured by looking at how many clicks and impressions the ads have. This is done to determine whether or not people are clicking on your ad and, if they do, whether or not they’re spending any time on your site.

Use OrbitalAds to Pick the Right Keywords

If you’re looking to improve your ad relevance, you might want to consider using OrbitalAds. This tool can help you identify the keywords most likely to be clicked on when running your ads. OrbitalAds helps marketers find the right keywords for their ads. The idea behind this service is to help you pick the best keywords for your ads by analyzing the competition and your ad copy and landing page.

The platform analyzes the competition by looking at the top ads on Google. You can then see which keywords are performing well and which aren’t. This allows you to identify what works and what doesn’t, so you can use those same keywords the next time around and get more impressions.

OrbitalAds also looks at your ad copy and landing page to determine how effective they’re at grabbing attention. For example, if there’s too much text in the ad itself (or if it isn’t concise), people may not read it very closely. Similarly, if there’s too much clutter on your landing page (or if it has too many irrelevant elements), people will likely scroll past it without giving it much thought.

Why Is Ad Relevance Important?

Ad relevance is important because it helps your company understand the types of ads a user is most likely to click on, which can help you better target your brand’s marketing efforts and improve your results.

What Is the Best Way to Increase Ad Relevance in Your Google Ads?

Ad relevance is an important part of Google Ads. It’s how the search algorithm ranks your ads, and it’s also one factor that determines whether or not a user will click on your ad. Here’s what you need to know about increasing ad relevance.

Create Ad Groups as per the Target Audience

If you want to boost your ad relevance, consider creating ad groups that are targeted specifically toward the kind of person who’d be interested in buying from you. These people might differ from those who’re already likely customers, but they’re still very likely to be interested in your offer. So ensure that the right people will see those ads that appear on Facebook!

Keep the Ads Simple

The simpler you keep your ads, the better. That’s because when you keep them simple, you’re showing a product or service that people are interested in—and thus are more likely to click on your ad and buy it.

If you have a complex ad, it’ll be harder for people to understand what you’re selling. They might not even know what your company does! If you have an image with text on it, for example, that’s less likely to get clicked than one that has just text alone. Another way to keep your ads simple is by ensuring they don’t look too much like ads. You don’t want people thinking they’ve stumbled into a sales pitch or something similar.

Test Multiple Ads

Another point to know is you can test different keywords in your ads or different ad copies for each campaign. For example, if you’re running an ad for a new product, try running it with “new” as the keyword and then “new” and “brand” as the other keywords. If you’re running an ad for a new brand, try running it with “brand” as the keyword and then “brand” and “price” as the other keywords. This will help you determine which ads are more relevant to your audience.


Ad relevance is a very important, and still underappreciated, factor in getting your ads to appear in Google search results. To make your ads more relevant, try diversifying them so they’re highly relevant to the keywords you’re bidding on (not just the main keyword). Find creative ways to use existing ad features like site links and extensions. Combined, these will improve ad relevance and visibility in search results!

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