If your ads don’t match your content, you’re going to hurt your CTR (click-through-rate). In the worst-case scenario also, the ROI (return on investment). Let’s look at the main reasons for low traffic in Google ads.

What can we consider as low traffic in Google Ads?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. In the digital age, it’s easy to measure, especially if you’re doing business via your website. But sometimes, even with all the tools in place, traffic doesn’t come, and you wonder what went wrong.

Here are eight reasons why Google Ads might not be driving as much traffic as you want:

-Your budget is too low

-You’re not using the right keywords

-You’re not using negative keywords

-You’re not geotargeting

-Your website’s ad copy is not working hard enough

-Your quality score is low

-You’re not using landing pages

-You’re not reviewing your analytics

Main drivers of low traffic at campaign level

Driving traffic to a Google Ads campaign can be tricky. There are a few main reasons for low traffic, and it’s essential to learn how to fix them.

1. Low budget

Budgets can be set at three levels: campaign, ad group, and keyword. Don’t set the campaign setting too low. The ads won’t appear enough times to reach the desired number of conversions. 

Solution: Set a higher budget for your campaigns. 

2. Narrow audiences

Your audiences are too narrow. You may be using keywords, topics, or interests as your targeting methods. These targeting methods don’t have a large enough reach to drive high volume traffic to your site.

Solution: You can improve a narrow audience by expanding keyword matches. Create new ad groups and campaigns, and add negative keywords. Address low bids and improve ad relevance and landing page experience.

3. Overly ambitious bidding strategy

Advertisers often set aggressive bids to get more impressions and clicks. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work because it drives up the cost per acquisition (CPA). Aggressive bids can decrease return on ad spend (ROAS).

Solution: Set a CPA target, or use a smart bidding strategy to allow Google Ads to optimize your bids.

Main status in keywords that can help you identify the reason for low traffic

For many advertisers, campaigns are running well, but they still don’t see a lot of activity. There might be several reasons, but let’s look at the most common ones.

1. Not having the correct keywords

If you aren’t using the correct keywords, you can have lousy traffic on your campaign. OrbitalAds detects new opportunities and adds them to your campaign. Even if you’re not a marketing wizard, you can still have one on your team!

OrbitalAds is an AI-driven tool that will help you increase your ROI in Google Ads. OrbitalAds will add new opportunities and check your campaigns 24/7.

2. Below first-page bid

A bid occurs below the first page when your average bids are too low. You can solve this problem by raising your bids, but keep in mind that this isn’t a long-term solution. If you raise your bids, you may get fewer clicks and conversions. Users will see your ads in higher positions, leading to low CTRs and low website quality scores.

Rarely shown (low-quality score) 

Improve a keyword’s relevance. Make sure to add negative keywords and increase your budget, as well as optimizing the landing page. OrbitalAds will provide an instant audit of your campaigns and ads. This audit will show where you’re letting money go down the drain and how to avoid it.

3. Low search volume

Keep your traffic high while getting quality leads. OrbitalAds’s Keyword Grouper can broaden your keyword selection. It can even stay within the same general area of interest.

Main drivers of low traffic in ad level

It isn’t easy to identify the main reason for low traffic. It’s necessary to learn about your ads’ main drivers of traffic.

1. Low ad score

The higher your ad score, the more prominent position your ad will receive. It will lead to a better chance people will click on it. Several components determine your ad score:

  • Quality of keywords
  • Expected click-through rate
  • Landing page experience 
  • Historical AdWords performance
  • Relevance of the text

2. Low relevance

The main reasons for low traffic in Google ads have a lot to do with the keywords you’re using. The landing page you’re directing to plays a vital role. For example:

  • Is your keyword matching the landing page copy?
  • Are you using suitable match types? Be sure to use a broad match modifier and exact match.
  • Are you using negative keywords or competitor names to reduce irrelevant searches?

3. Weak headlines and descriptions

Headlines and descriptions are the first impressions that an ad makes. If you could craft them to make the best use of space, it would help to intrigue customers. Weak headlines and descriptions can result in low traffic. If the competition is too great, the keywords will be of no benefit.

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