Tips To Manage Black Friday PPC Campaigns

Black Friday marks the start of that all-important time of year for companies, the Christmas shopping season. How can you drive business to your website and stand out from the crowd with so many companies competing for the same clientele?

With the increase in traffic from discount-hungry clientele looking for the best deal around, this is the best time to optimize your pay-per-click campaigns and get your piece of the Black Friday shopper action. 

Whatever your business or marketing strategy, these tips will help you make your mark this Black Friday and help you to get the most out of your PPC campaigns.

Challenges In Black Friday PPC Campaigns

As we said before, one of the biggest challenges in Black Friday campaigns is standing out from the crowd. People are inundated with ads over this period, so your campaign needs to be different.

Competition for premium ad space is at an all-time high during the lead-up to the Black Friday sales. Companies up their budgets and ramp up their marketing strategies to close deals. Not keeping up could see your campaign being ineffective and unseen.

Converting clicks into sales can be tricky as savvy customers browse during the lead-up to the sales, making mental notes and lists of where they’ll go back to to get the best deals. Keeping your company at the forefront of their minds is imperative to sales conversions.

Our Tips To Be Successful In Your Black Friday Campaigns

While we don’t know your business, budget or advertising strategy, we’ve come up with this list of tips that will help any Black Friday PPC campaign be more successful and convert more sales. Read on to find out what you can do to get the most out of your Black Friday advertising.

1. Budget adjustments

While your budget should be increased before peak shopping times each year, it’s important to note that simply throwing money at it is not enough. To drive your campaign to success, you need to coordinate your budget increases with market research and analysis of your metrics. Keyword quality, clicks, conversions, and impressions should be factors in deciding how to spend your budget. Read through our Google Ads budget post to learn how to spend your budget optimally.

Increase budget in your core campaigns

Use your metrics to identify which of your campaigns are working the best for you and increase the budget to the most effective campaigns that appeal to your target users.

Increase budget in branding campaigns

Your brand is your identity. Think of some of the most popular brands globally like Coca-Cola and KFC, and their image immediately comes to mind. Increasing your branding budget will help to imprint your brand in the minds of your customers.

2. Black Friday campaigns

Black Friday campaigns need to be specific and targeted as all the sales action happens over a single weekend. Making sure that your ad campaigns during this time are aimed at the right customer base and are specifically focused will increase your revenue.

Create specific Black Friday campaigns, ads and extensions

Simply reusing your same old advertising material won’t cut it here. Potential customers during this time are specifically looking for Black Friday Deals; if they don’t see this in your advertising, they won’t click to visit your site. Your ads and campaigns during this time need to scream Black Friday to attract the most attention.

Choose which products and services you want to focus on and structure your campaign to reflect them. A great asset to create during Black Friday is a BF-specific landing page for your site, which you can use to gather client information leading up to the big sales.

Try out the promotion extension with the special occasion of Black Friday so your ads get displayed like this:

Try out DSA 

DSAs or Dynamic Search Ads are a powerful campaign tool you can use to increase the coverage of your keywords and steer more users to your site. While you choose some of your keywords, the DSA campaign uses user searches and your site content to generate specific keywords. More volume can provide more sales conversions. 

See our tips to rock Google DSA campaigns.

3. Program your ads

Your ads need to be displayed over a particular time frame over the Black Friday sales period. You can set automated rules for your Black Friday ads that will ensure that they begin and end at the appropriate time. 

4. Keep an eye on search terms and keywords

Keywords form the basis of any good ad campaign. Knowing what people are looking for and the words and phrases they are using to find is key to creating an effective advertising campaign. You can use tools like OrbitalAds to find which search terms and keywords are being used and target your advertising accordingly.

Capture the new profitable keywords

You can also improve the quality of these new keywords by choosing those that have low competition ratings.

Control badly performing traffic by negativizing

Negativization is a fantastic way to prevent your website from showing up in search results for terms that are entirely irrelevant to your business. This is potentially harmful to your business as the traffic costs you money but ultimately does nothing to improve your sales.

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