Similar to how Google Ads and other PPC platforms have evolved, not everything needs to be managed manually in Microsoft Advertising. There are some powerful automation capabilities, both native and provided by 3rd party vendors (such as OrbitalAds) that you can leverage to be able to easily manage large numbers of advertisers and campaigns inside Microsoft Advertising.

Automated options native to Microsoft Advertising

1. Automated rules

Microsoft Advertising can do many things for you, even if your campaign will always require some hands-on monitoring.

First, we can use what Microsoft calls automated rules. Here are a few examples of how automated rules can be used:

  • Start and stop campaigns for special events like Black Friday and New Year’s Day.
  • Increase your budget for campaigns that get a lot of clicks and conversions. You can decrease your budget for campaigns that are costing you too much, based on their average cost per click.

2. Automated bidding in Microsoft Advertising

Second, we can make use of automated bidding, in a similar way to how smart bidding strategies work in Google Ads.

Managing bids efficiently can be difficult, especially in big accounts and campaigns, since there is a lot of options to choose from. Microsoft Advertising has some advanced bid strategies that allow you to save time and maximize your ad spend. The different automated bidding types available in Microsoft Advertising are:

  • Enhanced CPC:
    It modifies your bids to make them more efficient. Compatible with Text ads, Dynamic Search Ads, and Shopping campaigns.

  • Maximize Clicks:
    It will help you get as many clicks as possible. Text ads, Dynamic Search Ads and shopping campaigns are compatible with this type.


  • Maximize Conversions:
    This method will try to get you as many conversions as possible, within your total budget. It only works with Dynamic Search Ads campaigns.


  • Target CPA:
    It will try to get you as many conversions as possible, within the limits of your target cost per acquisition (CPA). It’s compatible both with Text ads and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns.


  • Target ROAS:
    Its goal is to achieve your desired target return on advertising spend (ROAS). Compatible with Text ads, Dynamic Search Ads and Shopping campaigns.

3. Integrating 3rd Party Tools: OrbitalAds Search Terms Automation

All these native automation methods can be of great help, but they don’t solve a fundamental problem of big, complex search campaigns: managing an ever-expanding list of keywords and new search terms that could potentially be added as group targeted keywords or negative terms.

This has been since the beginning the focus of OrbitalsAds, the AI-powered tool that uses Natural Language Processing capabilities to manage, with almost no input on your part, which keywords should go where – helping you to run a better structured and more effective campaign.

Now, this core feature that was previously only available for connecting with Google Ads accounts is available also for Microsoft Advertising platform users and accounts. This means that assigning your keywords to the relevant campaign and group, finding new gems in hidden terms, and handling negativization will also be a breeze in all your Microsoft Advertising search campaigns.

Do you want to take OrbitalAds for a spin? There is a 30-days free trial available. Don’t let your Microsoft Advertising account be any more complicated to manage than Google Ads accounts and campaigns.

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