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At OrbitalAds, we are always looking for ways to boost SEM practices and deliver measurable (and profit-driven) results. That’s why we’re proud to speak about our latest tool—the Keyword Traffic Driver.

This service helps to anticipate one of the major pitfalls found among marketers, which is bidding for the same search word twice. Not only does the action increase costs for your company, but it also may lower the Quality Score and drop you down a few positions in SERP. So, let’s take a quick look at the Keyword Traffic Driver and see how it can optimize and structure your company’s keyword account.

Twice the dipping, twice the losses

SEM strategies are never easy. With so many aspects to consider, it is understandable how marketers can unintentionally bid on similar Broad Match keywords and become their own biggest competitor.

However, when you separate your ad campaigns into different Match Types, managing cross negative keywords effectively is essential for optimal results. This holds especially true if we’re speaking about Exact Match.

When your ad campaign activates keywords in Exact and at the same time, has cross negative in Broad, campaign relevancy rises. Google, perceiving such an increase as favorable, may then increase the Quality Score of your campaign and help welcome the ROI that you always wanted.

Conversely, inadvertent “ad-poaching” does you no good and only minimizes your company’s chances of becoming the next top pick for potential customers.

1. The Keyword Traffic Driver — Your Confidant for SEM Best Practices

To maximize ad campaigns, you’ll want to use the Keyword Traffic Driver. This SEM tool will boost ad performance and relevance, and bring you one step closer to accomplishing company goals.

The Keyword Traffic Driver offers two primary functions:

  1. Identifying exact keywords that do not have a corresponding negative.
  2. Adding a cross negative keyword in the Broad group option.

With these features, the SEM tool aims to drive relevant traffic via an Exact route and prevent the “double-dipping” pitfall mentioned above.

2. What to expect

The initial use of the Keyword Traffic Driver will be to clean up your accounts. We want to prime the account for effective campaigns. After that, the tool will run continuously to ensure the keyword accounts are both optimal and well-structured.

Similarly, you may see improvements in the Quality Score of your ads and a decrease in costs.

When you have the tools like the Keyword Traffic Driver at your disposal, you’re bound to reap more benefits.

If you’re curious to discover more about the Keyword Traffic Driver, we encourage you to contact one of our sales reps. They’ll set up a demo session where you can see the tool in action and express any concerns or doubts that you may have.

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