How to Scale Up Startups with Paid Advertising

Doing business is a different ball game today, where companies mainly focus on the startup but seem to fall short of transitioning to a scale-up. Growing a startup requires more than just organic marketing to stay ahead of your competitors. As a result, it’s beneficial for a company to look into a scaled approach through paid advertising.

startup is still exploring its potential in the business world, but a scale-up has established a proven model through accurate data measurement. You need to commit to scaling and make sure you grow your leadership skills. Additionally, it’s important to have the right team of specialists when setting up a scalable infrastructure.

Main difficulties of Startup growth

Most of us have a clear vision of our long-term business goals for success, but this doesn’t happen overnight. We need to accomplish several milestones to achieve our end goal. It’s essential to have achievable expectations if you want to grow your business, as well as an understanding of how to scale your startup.

Be careful not to scale up prematurely. Before proving your company’s market fit, you need to validate your business model. To prevent being disorganized and overwhelmed, it’s essential to have a clear focus and metrics that are transparent and clear to the whole team.

Ceilings in paid advertising growth

If you struggle to get new clients, consider one lead generation tactic and put all your energy into that. Use this to scale your business to where it needs to go. Suppose you can’t get consistent results for clients. You’re trying to do too much for them. Instead, streamline your service and focus your attention on one element, e.g., personalizing ads, SEO, or landing pages. 

Focus on building processes around you by sharing creative ideas with another capable team member. Techniques are vital in every business, especially agencies dealing with complicated services like Google Ads. Whatever you’re doing, you need service delivery processes to focus on growing your business.

A people-based business can’t scale if you don’t have the right team members on board to deliver your services. Having an internal training system for new staff will help your business grow in scale with the quality of work.

Tips to scale a paid advertising strategy successfully in a Startup

Before you can scale a startup, it’s essential to consider your core business. Do you know if your company is market-fit or who your customers are? Which marketing platforms offer the best ROI for your business?

You need to know your business goals well, and as part of your strategy, you can start with SMART goals, which can be incredibly beneficial for your startup. If you haven’t heard of them yet, these are goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant 
  • Timely

Your messages that your startup sends out need to be concise and clear but, most importantly, have your customer in mind. Keep it informative, simple, and compelling to help you generate leads. Whereas content marketing forms part of a long-term marketing strategy, you need to look at immediate ROI and lead generation results. That’s where paid advertising comes in. 

1. Budget planning

A startup must have a marketing budget plan to help keep costs as low as possible as it scales. Additionally, internet marketing makes up more than half of paid advertising worldwide. 

So, what would your marketing budget plan allocation look like? 

  • Staff – When hiring new employees, you have to consider budget costs for job-related needs.
  • Freelancers – When you run short-term marketing campaigns, you should hire specialist freelancers.
  • Software – Purchase software that’s beneficial to your marketing strategy and campaigns.
  • Content Management – You need to budget how much time will go into your company’s content creation, keeping your return on investment in mind.
  • Advertising – Budget how much your business wants to spend on paid advertising such as search engine ads, social media ads, sponsored content, display ads, and promotions.

2. Increase the relevance of your ads and landing pages

To increase ad relevance, your need to have the user in mind because it will depend on how closely your ad matches the intent behind the user’s search. Keep in mind that your landing page is relevant and even helpful to people who click your ad. 

But how is relevance measured?

  • Above average
  • Average
  • Below average 

According to Google Ads Help: if one of these components has a status of “Average” or “Below average,” this may indicate an opportunity to make improvements.

3. Automate manual process

Did you know that you can scale the management of your search campaigns without increasing your resources? With OrbitalAds’ state-of-the-art automation technology, based on AI and Natural Language Processing, you can be ahead of your competitors.

4. Hiring experts in the field

The bottom line is you’ll save money when you hire experts that know what they’re doing. They’ll be able to guide you every step of the way in areas such as: 

  • Analysis granularity
  • Reactivate stagnated account KPIs
  • Constant keywords updates made easy
  • Manual tasks on autopilot
  • No human errors 
  • Implementation of complex scripts

Take the countdown to campaign optimization with OrbitalAds and hire experts in the field!

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