HoManage High Volumes of Keywords in No Time (Google Ads)

Before taking the next step in keyword management, it’s essential to start with the foundation of your planned campaign. Aligning your keywords with your business goals will help users know what your company offers and how they can reach you. Keep in mind that different keywords have varying purposes and, ultimately, they should align with their purpose.

Analyzing keyword lists help you to eliminate low search volume keywords. Keywords aim to drive traffic to your website or landing page, and if they don’t do this, they have no purpose. By improving your Ad Ranking, you can manage high volumes of keywords!

Difficulties on Managing High Volumes of Keywords

Understanding not just what users are searching for, but also why they’re searching for it can assist you in managing difficulties when it comes to high-volume keywords. You will also be able to measure if it does apply to your business and whether it warrants a blog post, or if the keyword is relevant enough to warrant a bid.

You can determine if your business goal is realistic: to rank a new blog post using keyword difficulty. Therefore, keyword difficulty can impact your campaign strategy and affect your team’s content planning.

What Are You Losing if You Only Rely on Smart Bidding?

After being able to control your bidding, you can improve your ranking. Unfortunately, you can’t increase bids with smart bidding, influencing your impressions for ads and potentially causing you to miss out on opportunities. 

Handing over control, there’s a possibility of expensive bids occurring if a keyword didn’t have a CPC bid limit. If you solely rely on smart bidding to decide what keywords are of value to your campaign, your business could end up with a wasted budget. With keyword management done the right way, your business will never miss an opportunity to improve your account’s performance; you can accomplish this with OrbitalAds.

How To Manage High Volume Keywords

Ultimately, we all want to reach high-volume keywords with little competition, right? But this isn’t as simple as it might seem. There’s a process to accomplish a high ranking on Google through high-volume keywords. If you consider the manual process, you would have to look at a free downloadable extension to assist you with keyword research on Google SERPs. The downside to this keyword research extension is the lack of keyword competition scoring.

An automatic process can simplify managing high-volume keywords through a keyword management tool. OrbitalAds tool offers their clients the following:

  • Automatically identify new keywords 
  • Optimize traffic quality
  • Granular analysis
  • Quality score evolution
  • Identify and eliminate duplicate origins

Standardize Daily or Weekly Analysis and Decision Making on Keywords and Search Terms

A keyword management tool will give you a granular analysis and real-time metrics. You can compare keyword profiles of competitors and monitor quality scores at keyword and campaign levels. The OrbitalAds tool will allow you to boost the duplicate search term with the highest performance while setting lower performance as negative keywords.

Take Advantage of DSA Opportunity Generation

Dynamic search ads are a powerful, personalized automation campaign for any business. Through DSAs, you’ll be bidding on content and not keywords, making it easier to target specific content. This will simplify tracking new traffic or what you might have overlooked. One of our features focuses on analyzing search terms generated by DSA ad groups.

Analyze and Spot Traffic That May Be Toxic

Having toxic links can negatively affect your site’s performance; therefore, it’s vital to identify and eliminate them. You can optimize your traffic quality through cross negativization, as well as keyword distribution and low search volume cleaning.

Set Up Your Negative Keyword List Correctly

Negative keyword lists can help you manage negative keywords across campaigns more efficiently. Remember that performing consistent granular analysis will help you track lower-performance search terms and identify them as negative keywords. However, you can also use negative keywords to your advantage to help you avoid targeting the wrong users.

Automate Manual Processes and Focus on Strategic Decisions

The reality is that human errors are part of life. Start to focus on making strategic decisions for your company. Here are some of the benefits of automated manual processes for a business:

  • Time and money-saving
  • Reduce errors and increase accuracy
  • Reduce risk and increase consistency
  • Data-driven decision making


Keywords can be automatically managed. The correct management of keywords is critical to converting users to customers. All these points that are mentioned above are covered with our OrbitalAds tools. We have the solution you are looking for, do not hesitate to talk to one of our experts!

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