Nowadays, more and more companies are showing up on google. Therefore, it is important to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Extensions allow you to add more information to your ad, gaining visibility and offering more reasons for users to choose your company.  

This article will talk more in-depth about what extensions are and how to choose the best fit for your business. 

What are ad extensions?

As the name suggests, Google extensions are a feature that extends the ads by adding additional information about your company to the main body of your text ad. AdWords welcomes the inclusion of optional extensions as advertisers provide more information to their users. Not only will it have a positive impact on your pricing, but it will also help you increase clicks on your ads. In combination with a well-optimized Quality Score, your account performance can highly increase. 

How do they work?

Google Ads chooses extensions to display in response to individual Google searches, to maximize the performance of your text ads. For this reason, we recommend that you use extensions that are relevant to your business objectives. 

Adding content to your ad helps you improve the extension visibility on your search results page, getting more value from your ads. Extensions tend to increase the total number of clicks and provide additional ways for users to communicate with you, such as through callout extensions or locations. 

There are two types of extensions: 

  1. Manual: Requiere configuration
  2. Automatic: Added automatically when Google Ads predicts that your ad will improve.

When are extensions shown?

Not always, when we add an extension, it appears in the ad. It is only shown if: 

  1. It is considered that the extension would improve performance. 
  2. Google Ads requires that, in order to show these extensions in an ad, the ad must have a minimum ranking. Only the highest-ranked ads will show extensions.

So, if you want your extensions to be displayed, you may need to increase the bidding and/or the quality of the ad. 

Benefits of using ad extensions

Ad extensions generate lots of benefits for you. Here are some of them:

1. Increase CTR

In this way, you create more attractive ads that occupy a more visual field, capturing users’ attention compared to other ads that do not have any extensions.

2. Qualified leads

People are using the Internet more and more to know everything about the company. Adding more relevant information about your ad lets customers know a little more about your company and your products, generating more confidence in your customers. 

3. Differentiate from the competition

The ad extensions show that the campaign’s company is more relevant than its competitors since its ad is well done and provides more detail about its portfolio of products, services, and value proposition. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for customers to contact your company quickly. 

4. Save money

Using ad extensions will increase your ad ranks and take up more space on the web page. These aspects will raise your click-through rate (CTR) and lower your cost-per-click (CPC). All of this culminates in a lower pay per conversion. 

Types of ad extensions and when to use them

Each extension is an extra bit of information about your business. As mentioned before, there are two groups of extensions; the manual and the automatic ones. 

Manual extensions:

  1. Sitelinks: are additional links below the main text ad in search. These links direct you to other pages on your site that you want your users to visit.
  2. Callout extensions: callout extensions are 25-character snips of text describing the most exciting and valuable qualities of your business, products, or services like free shipping, in-store pickup, etc.
  3. Structured snippets: Zoom in on a specific sneak peek that you want users to know about the product or set of products or services offered. The main advantage of structured snippets is qualified leads. Because when people already know certain information about what you are trying to give them, they are ready to convert as soon as they click on your site and land. These are used to convey specific amenities, types or categories, and destinations or locations.
  4. Call extensions: Extension numbers are a lifesaver for companies wishing to call from their customers. You can put your phone number directly into the ad, so there is no friction between leads and your business. On mobile, extension phones allow users to make a call now with just one click.
  5. Lead form extensions (beta): Allow users on the SERPs to contact your business directly on your ad in just a few clicks. This extension will help you boost your lead generation strategy.
  6. Location extensions: File your address, phone number and map with your ad text. On mobile, you’ll see a link to open the map app.
  7. Affiliate location extensions: Affiliates are individuals or other organizations that are officially connected with other organizations. In this case, use the affiliate site extension to direct users to other sites that are eligible to sell your product. This is perfect for the manufacturer
  8. Price extensions: You will notify the user of the price in advance. The notified user means that if the user decides to contact or visit your store or website, they will be happy to make a reservation or purchase from you. Again, price transparency increases credibility and makes landing page content available to users who click on your ad. They have higher conversions or willingness to buy.
  9. App extensions: App extensions make your app more visible and make it easy for interested users to download directly from the text ad.
  10.  Promotion extensions: They are a great way to highlight a special deal or sale to encourage customers to convert.

Automatic extensions:

  1. Dynamic extensions: The three types of dynamic extensions are dynamic sitelink, dynamic callout and dynamic structured snippets. The only difference is that Google generates this information automatically, using data from your website.  
  2. Seller rating: Use data to generate automatic seller rating score and 5-star rating icon.

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