What Are Niche Keywords?

Essentially, niche keywords are highly specific long-tail keywords. You use them to make search results more relevant to whoever’s conducting the search. They include precise terms that narrow the search results to specific market sectors. To achieve that, they relate to factors such as location, purpose, and sometimes even demographics. Let’s look at an example.

If someone searches using the term “yard mowing services,” they’re likely to get generalized results. However, if they search for “yard mowing services in Ohio,” and your company is based in Ohio, the niche keyword “Ohio” should be part of your SEO and SEM strategy. It’s a great way to make your SEO and PPC campaigns more efficient.

Even niche keywords that refer to specific, local terminology (for example, local or regional names for certain things), or target age groups for your product can improve the efficacy of your campaigns. The advantage of niche keywords is that, due to their limited appeal, there’s less competition than there is for more generalized keywords. 

However, although they’ll have less volume in terms of search results, when they do appear, they’re likely to achieve a better conversion rate because the search and its results are specific.

How To Find the Best Niche Keywords With OrbitalAds

Spot and Automatically Add High Buying Intent Keywords From Your Search Term Reports

The term “high buying intent” indicates that the person conducting the search has used language that conveys buying signals.

OrbitalAds is a marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to assist in the automation of keyword management. You can add it to Google Ads to improve the optimization of your keyword campaign. It also helps you to manage your ad campaigns PPC (pay per click) better.

There are several ways of identifying high buying intent keywords or search terms:

1. From Regular Search Campaigns

If you wish, you can pick out search terms from your search terms report that have occurred less frequently. However, if they’re going to be useful to you, you need to ensure that they’re relevant to your market sector.

This enables you to fine-tune your match types to ensure that the correct searches cause your ad to appear in the results. Just because, in the wider market, those terms aren’t high-frequency, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be successful for you. You’ll have less competition for the results that those searches produce.

For example, if you have a broad key phrase “electric toothbrushes” without any niche keywords you’ll face stiff competition for visibility because it’s so generalized. However, if you add a niche keyword such as “in Smalltown,” when someone searches for “toothbrushes in Smalltown,” your business is more likely to appear high in the search results. Because their specific search triggered your advert, it’s obviously relevant to them, so they’re more likely to convert into a customer.

2. From Dynamic Search Campaigns

Dynamic search ads (DSA) are a great tool to help you fill gaps in your keyword-based campaigns. You need to have your Google Ads account well-organized from the outset. If you have, dynamic search campaigns will automatically generate search terms that make sense in relation to your account. In turn, the keywords that have been produced will be automatically added by OrbitalAds to your regular search. If you get it set up right in the first place, your quality score and click-through rate (CTR) will both improve.

They’ll use content from your website to serve up targeted ads, landing pages, and headlines. All you need to add is an attractive description.

There are numerous advantages to this:

  • You save time by not having to create adverts
  • They’re more visual, as opposed to being text-based, so they’re more noticeable
  • However well you manage your Google Ads account, you can still miss out on searches
  • You need to worry about updating or replacing your ads when you update your website

3. From Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping (GS) campaigns work by picking up on the top buying intent keywords and incorporating them in your GS campaigns.

The inclusion of those high buying-intent keywords in Google Search helps to maximize the proportion of impressions your Google Shopping and Google Search ads get. At the same time, your Google Shopping campaign keeps performing as usual.

4. Automatically Add Your Keyword Research to Your Account

OrbitalAds keyword locator leverages machine learning and reports back to you with the most relevant keywords. The main advantage of OrbitalAds’ tool is that, whenever you want to add a new keyword list, it will analyze the whole account to filter the new keywords by lexical similarity and only add the ones that fit into your account.

OrbitalAds will give your marketing campaigns even more of an advantage by negativizing keywords that aren’t relevant to your website. There’s no point in generating false results triggers. Greater relevance usually leads to increased sales, so it makes sense to ignore search terms that trigger your site appearing on the SERP (search engine results page) but offer little chance of conversion.

Scale Your Account by Adding in Broad and Phrase and Automatically Generate Long Tail Niche Keywords

By combining broad match keywords and key phrases, long-tail niche keywords can be automatically generated.

Due to their niche nature, they’re extremely effective at sending traffic to your website. However, it’s not just about driving traffic.

Armed with long-tail niche keywords, you can incorporate them into your website content. This helps to convert visitors to leads (and ultimately, to customers). Once the visitor arrives on your site, what they find there is relevant to their original search, i.e. to their buying intent.

In turn, a great user experience like that will encourage greater engagement while they’re there. Even if they’re not yet at the buying part of the sales funnel, good content is likely to encourage them to interact with your company in other ways. For example, it may inspire them to complete a registration form or to send a request for further information, because you’ve already shown them that you have a solution.

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