Paid ads are sometimes the best option to drive traffic and conversions to your website for businesses that don’t have an organic presence and need fast ROI measurement. 

In this article, we will talk precisely about creating the best Google Ads campaigns. But, before that, let’s start with some basic definitions required to understand the context of search engine optimizations. 

What is a Google Ads (AdWords) campaign?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) system for advertising on search engine results pages (SERP) on Google. You can create campaigns that are used to organize groups of similar ads. Your Google Ads account can have one or several campaigns running at a time. 

Depending on our objectives, we have to choose from the different types of Google Ads campaigns that best suits what we want to achieve. Creating a Google Ads campaign begins by selecting one of the objectives offered by the platform by itself.

Selection of objectives

First, we must select the campaign’s objective that goes according to the type of ad we want to make. Although, if you do not have a previous idea of what kind of ad you want to make, do not worry because there is also an option to make any ad without a defined objective. Those types of goals that Google Ads offers are:

-Sales: drive sales on the web or e-commerce, app or phone. Targeted for campaign types in the search network, display network, shopping campaigns, video and smart campaigns.

-Sales opportunities: Focused on getting customers to interact with the ad to generate conversions and targeted ads on the search network, display network, shopping campaigns, video campaigns and smart campaigns.

-Website traffic: focused exclusively on getting traffic to the website. For search, display, shopping, video and video ads.

-Brand and product consideration: Incite potential users to discover the products or services you offer in your display or video campaign.

-Coverage and brand awareness: Reach a large mass of users and increase brand awareness with ads on the display or video network.

-App promotion: Get more downloads and interactions with your app. Exclusive for App ads.

-Campaign without a specific objective: This objective is to choose any type of campaign and set it up step by step without the recommendations that selecting a particular purpose would offer.

Types of Google Ads campaigns

The advantage of Google Ads is that it is pervasive. Therefore, we share the types of campaigns and their contributions with you below. 

-Search Campaigns

Text or callout ads are displayed in Google search results on Google partner websites. Once you have chosen this type of ads, Google Ads gives you the option to select the results you want to get: Website visits, phone calls or app downloads, but it is optional, these are just preset to help you target the campaign if you have particular goals from the beginning.

They can be shown both on the search network and the display network, although the format of this campaign will consist exclusively of a text ad or call.

-Display Campaign

In-display campaigns you can create attractive ads to capture the attention of users. This kind of campaign is beneficial to capture a large mass of users. In addition, with this critical mass that allows you to collect, you can create audiences for optimal remarketing campaigns.

-Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaign ads are composed of a photo of the product, the title of the product, its price and the name of the online store where it is sold. They are shown in the google shopping tab, the Google search network, in Google search partners in Youtube, and Google discover in the display network.

The primary function of shopping campaigns is to promote your products or services with their respective detailed information, without the need for the user to have previously clicked on the ad. You can also direct users to your online store, but it is not the best campaign for this function.

To create this kind of ad, you must have a Merchant Center account linked to the Google Ads account with which you will launch the campaign. In addition, you must connect the data of the product or products you want to promote with your Merchant Center account.

Shopping campaign ads are shown based on product attributes that you must define in the Merchant Center data feed, not based on keywords.

-Video Campaign

Created to increase brand awareness and, depending on the type of ad you make and the type of format you choose, you can generate more leads, traffic to the website, or use it as a cover support for a 360 marketing campaign.

Video campaign ads are shown on both YouTube and Google’s video partner sites, but the video ad content must be hosted on YouTube. In other words, if you do not have a user, you must create an account on Youtube and upload your ads there.

The ads will be displayed according to your budget, the type of bidding you have selected, by audiences and demographics, keywords, topics and specific locations (YouTube channels, YouTube videos, apps, etc.) In addition, you can target your ads on certain types of content that you don’t want to be shown or, conversely, target them to be displayed on a specific type of content.

-Application Campaign

App campaigns aim to create ads to get more downloads or encourage actions on the app you want to promote. These ads are shown on the Google search network, Google Play, Youtube, display network and Google Discover. The only requirement to promote your app, is that it must be on the App Store or Google Play.

Google Ads app campaigns ads appear by keywords or audiences of your choice. You can also target ads to the specific web, videos or apps and, likewise, you can exclude them from those particular locations.

Moreover, in this kind of campaign, you don’t have to create the ads yourself, since the Google Ads platform itself does it; all you have to do is provide it with two title ideas and a description. It indeed gives you the option (and even recommends it) to add more resources such as videos, images or HTML5 elements. Still, with the resources provided by your application, it creates very successful ads.

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