How to Create Ad Combinations in ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a creative research powerhouse, making it an effective tool for improving your content strategy. With ChatGPT, you can learn about anything, but you can also create a lot of different materials that are honed based on the information you provide and the power of the AI. In this article, we are going to discuss what makes ChatGPT such a great tool for creating ad combinations to boost your Google Ads.

How Does ChatGPT Help Marketers and Business Owners?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered research tool that has the ability to traverse the internet faster than most of us can possibly imagine. Able to effectively research, learn, and then generate content, it is highly effective for simplifying creative work. With ChatGPT, marketers and business owners can create web content, blogs, and even ad combinations!

Using ChatGPT to Generate Eye-Catching Headlines

The first part of creating a compelling ad combination is to focus on your headline. The headline for your ad will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to making sure that people click. A great headline is guaranteed to at least get people interested and make them want to learn more. 

Ask ChatGPT;

  • What is an Ad Headline?
  • What Makes Ad Headlines Engaging?
  • How to Write an Ad Headline That Converts
  • Data on Ad Headlines

Ask ChatGPT for Examples and Inspiration from Top Sources

Sometimes, the best way to get inspired when creating compelling headlines is to learn from those who have done it well. Spend time with ChatGPT to explore top-performing headlines, and research effective headline writing, and examples too. With the average internet user seeing over 1700 paid search ads a month, it is important to make headlines that stand out. Knowing what is already working can help!

Ask ChatGPT:

  • Examples of Great Ad Headlines for [Topic] or [Niche]
  • Write 5 Ad Headlines for [Niche]
  • Create an Ad Headline to Sell [Product Type]

Define Your Headline Parameters and Let ChatGPT Go to Work

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Using ChatGPT to Create Compelling Descriptions

After a headline catches the attention of your audience, the description of your ad will seal the deal. Over 60% of people have clicked on a Google Ad, and it is the information they see that will determine whether or not they click on yours. It is important to have a description that offers value and encourages your audience to learn more. With ChatGPT, you can find plenty of great information to work with.

Define What is Important in Your Descriptions

A good description will always have the right tone and the right materials. Before you can let ChatGPT start generating potential options for you, you must take the time to consider what parameters you want it to follow.

Remember, ChatGPT will generate descriptions based on the information you feed it. Take the time to consider what you really want from ChatGPT. Imagine you are asking a creative professional to generate this material—what would you want them to include? 

For even more success, create parameters that will generate unique descriptions that match the headlines and offer plenty of variety.

Ask ChatGPT:

  • What Makes a Great Google Ads Description?
  • Features of a Google Ad Description
  • What Should I Include in My Google Ads Description?
  • Examples of Google Ads Descriptions

Ask ChatGPT to Generate Variations of Each Description

With your questions and parameters in place, it is time to start working with ChatGPT to generate actual descriptions. Give it the information and questions you came up with, and wait for it to start writing effective descriptions for you.

Since ChatGPT will create descriptions for you, you have a great opportunity to generate more content with the time that you save. Ask ChatGPT to generate a lot of different descriptions so you have plenty of material to choose from when you start creating your ads.

Ask ChatGPT:

  • Write a Google Ads Description Using [Ad Details] for [Audience]
  • Write an ad description [Character Length] Long About [Ad Details] Using [Tone Type] Tone
  • Write a Description Of [Product]

Don’t hesitate to refine and edit what it gives you to add your personal spin!

Create Great Google Ads Using Marketing Automation

As a creative tool, ChatGPT brings continuous enthusiasm and the power of top online marketers. While not everything that ChatGPT creates will be perfect for your brand, you might just be surprised by how much great content it can create. When in doubt, it is a great tool for inspiration! 

To learn more about how to improve your Google Ads and generate conversions using marketing automation, check out our services at OrbitalAds today!

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