Acquisition of Xandr From AT&T

Microsoft acquired the Xandr ad exchange from AT&T in December 2021. The move comes as part of Microsoft’s ongoing effort to become a major digital advertising player. Xandr’s technology can help improve Microsoft’s digital advertising solutions. They can do so by providing a more comprehensive view of the user experience. Although still early days, the acquisition is putting Microsoft on the digital advertising map. Other companies are now taking note of the same, and competition is heating up.

Who’s Xandr?

Xandr specializes in data science and machine learning. It has developed a suite of products. This helps companies create planning, targeting, and optimization of digital advertising solutions. One of the ways that Xandr helps clients do this is by collecting data about user behavior. They do this across many platforms, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. This has helped bring clarity in terms of user behavior.

The company then analyzes this data using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. This helps identify patterns indicating which types of users are likely to respond well to certain ads or content. This allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns based on these insights. This way, they can target potential customers. They can do this without wasting money on ineffective ads or content.

Microsoft will use Xandr’s technology as part of its new advertiser platform. This aims to improve how advertisers interact with each other through online marketplaces. Microsoft’s digital advertising business has been growing. The company is looking to expand its capabilities. Xandr has developed an AI solution to help Microsoft improve its digital advertising solutions. This has helped Microsoft target the large digital advertising space. It has also helped them target the bigger companies in this space.

Leveraging Their Audience Network

Microsoft has a huge audience network. However, it’s difficult for them to communicate with their audience in a way that’s both efficient and effective. Xandr is building a platform that can help Microsoft leverage its audience network. The platform will be able to manage and optimize the communication between the company and its user base.

Xandr will help Microsoft streamline communications between themselves and their users. This will make it easier for them to tailor messages based on user behavior. They’ll also be able to send out targeted messages. This is based on demographics, location, or any other relevant data point.

Improvement of Digital Solutions

The Xandr advertising platform is one of the best in the business. It has helped many companies across various industries. They can now create effective ad campaigns that appeal to their target demographic.

Microsoft is no stranger to success. However, they’ve struggled with finding an advertising platform that works for them. They need something that allows them to reach customers in new ways and keeps their prices low and easy to use. This is where Xandr shines. They offer a wide range of products. These are designed for different types of businesses and budgets.

New Opportunities for Advertisers

The acquisition has helped Microsoft compete with other large tech companies. After the acquisition, Microsoft began working on integrating Xandr’s technology into its platform.

Microsoft will continue to offer its customers access to buy-side and sell-side solutions. This helps them manage their inventory across platforms. They also offer services like media planning, targeting, and measurement.

Better Digital Ad Solutions

Xandr has been a leader in the digital advertising space. It has built a strong set of products and services that support the needs of everyone. This includes advertisers, publishers, agencies, and other partners across the globe. They use advanced AI and machine learning technologies to provide various solutions. This includes real-time bidding (RTB), programmatic buying, and data management platforms (DMPs).

The company has also made significant investments in technology research and development. This ensures its products are at the forefront of innovation, and it includes developing systems that allow advertisers to deliver personalized ad experiences. They also help them take advantage of emerging opportunities. This includes video or native advertising.

Microsoft has improved its digital ad solutions since the acquisition of Xandr. It has allowed the company to compete more effectively with Facebook and Google. The new unified platform will allow advertisers to run their campaigns across platforms.


The recent acquisition of Microsoft with Xandr is significant. It’ll allow them to compete in the ad tech space better. There are many benefits that Microsoft has gained from this acquisition. This includes top talent and increased flexibility. Only time will tell if Xandr will take Microsoft to the top of the digital ad space.

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