Dealing With Seasonality in Google Ads: OrbitalAds Tips

If you run a business, you know that the demand for your products and services varies throughout the year. It can be hard to know how much to budget because your click-through and conversion rates vary. Here's what you can do when your conversion rate and cost-per-conversion figures go up or down. Make sure you don't lose money or miss out on sales due to seasonality.

Seasonality in Google Ads

Seasonality can have a massive impact on your search campaigns; there are a few ways to deal with this.

First, you can adjust your bids by day. On the days when you expect traffic to be at its highest, raise your bids. When traffic is at its lowest, lower your bids. Adjusting your bids will ensure you’re getting the most money.

Second, you can exclude specific days of the week on which you think traffic will be lower. Excluding those days ensures that you aren’t paying for clicks. At the same time, it allows for the same campaigns to run throughout the rest of the week.

Third, use seasonal promotions and ad messages. Let customers know about any new product offerings or limited-time promotions.

Main markets that face strong seasonality

Reviewing your seasonal performance metrics at least once per quarter is ideal. It helps you to note how search traffic spikes or dips. Some of these factors will be predictable, and some won’t, but we’re here to help—and so is the data!

Let’s go through a few examples:

  1. Reduce clothing and personal-product expenses. Create ads and campaigns with keywords that reflect those products. You can also raise your bids during peak months and lower them after the holiday season.
  2. You run a small landscaping service; your prices vary with the weather. Consider increasing your bids during the slowest seasons.
  3. Between March and August, more people are looking for schools for children. To stand out from the crowd, create a better website. Talk to customers and create new adverts. Running your advertisement in winter might make more sense.

Main problems with seasonality and how to face them

The problem is that your ad displays aren’t enough to meet your ROI goals. We have the solution for seasonality in Google Ads. 

OrbitalAds will help you increase your ad revenue. With OrbitalAds, you can get more ad displays even if you’re not getting enough traffic.

1. Big changes in traffic and KPIs

Every product has a moment in the spotlight—seasonality is a fact of life. It’s the job of the online advertising manager to make the most of that time when it comes. 

You can find yourself caught off guard by significant changes in trafficand KPIs. Here are some tips on dealing with seasonality in Google Ads.

Traffic drops 

A significant drop in traffic can be a disaster for advertisers who aren’t prepared. If your business is seasonal, you’ll have to plan for these traffic drops in advance. You can begin by estimating how much money you will need during these times and what results to expect. Trim your marketing campaigns when sales figures are low to avoid wasting money.

Traffic rocketing 

Unexpected traffic surges eat up the budget, so make sure to control budgets daily. Advanced performance reporting tools will help you manage and track your campaigns. For example, you can set a daily budget alert that allows you to check your campaign’s status. It will alert you when it has reached 50% of its limit.

Sudden drops in ROAS: High increase in CPC and CPA 

Have you been noticing a sudden drop in your ROAS? Dropping tends to happen as we get closer to the holiday season; it’s due to a few factors.

First, the CPC and CPA are likely to get higher in this period. The demand for keywords increases during holiday shopping seasons. Keywords tend to make the bidding more competitive for shoppers. When bidding on keywords, you must be careful that the cost per click doesn’t skyrocket.

When this happens, there are some steps you can take. For example, you can pause or negativize keywords daily to avoid high costs. OrbitalAds makes this process automatic with its interface and advanced technology.

OrbitalAds lets you pause keywords that aren’t profitable. It helps you focus on ad spending with keywords that give you the best ROI.

2. Constant generation of new search queries

OrbitalAds changes your keyword list to match people’s searches. It’s good to include “gift ideas” on your holiday campaign list. It will be a better choice because most people search for “Christmas gift ideas.”

This automatic process also works for negative keywords. OrbitalAds can distinguish between “Jewish Easter” and “Christian Easter” visitors. 

And, best of all? No more guesswork on your part! OrbitalAds’ smart bidding adjusts prices depending on bid competition. You’ll never have to worry.

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