Ad:Tech New Delhi 2023

We recently attended India's #1 Advertising and Martech event, Ad:tech 2023, and we must say it was an incredible experience! The event has been around since 2011 but had not taken place in the last two years. This physical event took place at the luxurious Leela Ambience Hotel in Gurgaon on March 15th and 16th. The theme of the event was "Marketing in 2023 Driving Business Growth."

The First Day

The first day of the Ad:tech event started off with an inspiring keynote speech from Mr. Shantanu Deshpande, the founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company. Several panel discussions followed this, and the one we particularly enjoyed was on “Profitable Growth through Marketing & Business Alignment,” led by Priya Choudhary, the Google Director of Business. The discussion was engaging, and we learned about building a strong brand and aligning marketing efforts with business objectives. 

The afternoon sessions consisted of breakout rooms led by panels of industry leaders who shared their expertise and insights with the audience. As attendees, we could choose which sessions to attend based on our interests and needs. This was a tough decision because all the sessions were so compelling, and we wanted to attend them all! Eventually, we selected the session on “The Future of Programmatic Advertising,” which gave us a fresh perspective on how to approach advertising in marketing.

The day ended with The Big Networking Bash where attendees had the chance to mingle, meet new people and have fun! The atmosphere was lively, and there was a live band playing great music. Everyone was in high spirits, discussing the highlights of the day and the insights they gained.

For us, the first-day event was inspiring and motivating and we couldn’t wait to apply the insights we gained from all the talks! We couldn’t wait to see what the 2nd day had in store!

The Second Day

The second day of the Ad:tech event was just as exciting as the first. A big highlight of that morning was the launch of Channel Factory India in partnership with Y & A Transformation. This was announced during the conference, and it was well-received by the audience, creating a lot of buzz around the new platform.

The afternoon also featured breakout sessions that covered a wide range of interesting topics. One of the sessions that caught our attention was “What is a Good CAC,” which discussed customer acquisition cost and how to determine the optimal amount to spend on acquiring customers. The day ended with an eye-opening talk on AI and ChatGPT and closing remarks by Shraddha Jain, a well-known influencer and content creator.

Final Take Away

The main sponsor of this event was Valueleaf, and others included Samsung Ads, Google, Airtel, Spotify, Payoneer and many others. 

Overall, the Ad:tech event was a high-quality, refreshing and exhilarating time of learning and networking. The knowledge and insights we gained will undoubtedly help us drive our business growth in the future. We highly recommend this event to anyone looking to advance in the marketing and martech industry and we’re already looking forward to attending next year’s event!


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