5 Tools to Set up your Marketing Automation Strategy

Running a business is not easy, as many people paint it to be. You have to get into the game or ask entrepreneurs, and they will tell you how their journey has been. Frankly, there are so many challenges you will face when you start as an entrepreneur. From getting your product or service to your customers to making sure the business generates funds.

Another common challenge many entrepreneurs face is knowing the proper marketing channels for their businesses. So, in this article, we will share five tools that will help you make the right call. 

What Is Marketing Automation?

It is an essential part of marketing that controls the marketing processes and campaigns across different channels. For example, a business can target its audience by automating its marketing processes using automated messages across the web, email, socials and text. To send your intended messages automatically to your audience, you use a set of instructions called workflow. Truthfully, you cannot handle everything as an entrepreneur. So, you can use some market automation tools to reach out and engage with your clients across different platforms

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

There are several benefits of marketing automation for business owners. One of these benefits is it saves time and money. Setting up a marketing automation tool will help you respond to your clients quickly. Another benefit is it will increase the performance of your team. People handling queries will not have to spend hours on a client because the process can be automated. The performance increase in your team will help to improve the overall productivity of the business. 

  • It helps business owners to save time and money 
  • It helps to improve your team’s performance
  • It helps to improve your business analytics
  • It helps to improve processes and productivity of the business

5 Tools That Will Help Your Business

This section will explain the five tools that will take your marketing automation to the next level. These tools will help you to automate your emails, social media pages, web content and texts. However, you need to understand how these tools work before incorporating them into your marketing processes and campaigns.

1. Email Marketing - Mailchimp

Reaching out to your audience via email remains the best marketing tool you can use. It helps you bypass the internet’s noise and distractions by connecting you directly to your clients. Mailchimp is one of the tools you can use to build your audience. Additionally, it is suitable for small businesses that are just building their email lists. 

The first thing you need to do to get started is to create an account. Then, you can proceed to create your email list by inputting your customers’ information into the appropriate fields. Furthermore, you will need to create a signup form, set up an email template and launch your campaign. 

2. Social Media Marketing - Hootsuite

Social Media Marketing is another aspect of marketing that uses social media channels to promote a brand, product or service. Hootsuite is a popular social media marketing tool that allows you to reach your audience on various social media channels. As with every website, you need to create an account. Then you can proceed to connect all your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The next step is to schedule multiple messages that you want to send across all your social media platforms. Furthermore, you can navigate to the Hootsuite website to find out how you can set up your streams. 

3. PPC Management - OrbitalAds

Pay Per Click Management allows you to manage your PPC advertising campaigns using different tools. One of the tools you can use for PPC Management is OrbitalAds. Some key features of these PPC management tools are keyword discovery, cross negativization, quality score analysis and duplicate traffic cleaning. OrbitalAds helps companies to automate their online advertising campaigns. Additionally, it helps to automate the process of semantic targeting so that companies can locate the best keywords for search campaigns. You can have a free 30 days trial to start using OrbitalAds.

4. SEO and Content Marketing - Semrush

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that ensures web pages and their contents can be viewed by the target audience you are trying to reach out to. Additionally, It helps you to map your content with your target demographic’s search queries. Semrush is one of the SEO and content marketing tools you can use. There are several benefits of using Semrush. Firstly, It helps businesses to improve their online visibility and gain new marketing insights. Secondly, the tool helps you to understand the performance of your website. Another benefit of using Semrush is that it helps you to know your competitors. 

5. Analytics - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another marketing automation tool you can use for your business. It is a free software tracking tool provided by Google to show the number of visitors on your website. Also, it gives you an insight into user behavior and their activities on your business website. One of the benefits of using Google Analytics for your business is to help optimize your web pages to increase conversion. Additionally, it helps you to segment your customers and increase your business performance. 

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