B2C Lead Generation Tools for Businesses

2023 is another great year for companies to make more sales and begin to scale. With the right B2C lead generation tools, businesses in any industry can find their audience and make lasting connections using paid search, Google Ads, and automation.

1. OrbitalAds

OrbitalAds is a lead generation tool that offers a collection of amazing tools and features. Designed to help you optimize traffic, automate keyword management, and scale your online presence through targeted Google Ads, this AI tool helps you to improve everything that you do. Increase your quality and improve your ratings with a system that is perfect for individual businesses, as well as digital marketing companies. 

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho is a powerful tool for taking standard leads and turning them into full-on conversions. Perfect for offering a sales funnel and setting up a well-crafted pipeline, you can “enhance your visibility at every stage,” according to Zoho’s promises. 

3. Data Axle

Data Axle is a data-driven tool that is made to be your support system when it comes to managing your interactions with potential customers. You can narrow down your best customers and find more people who are interested in what your company has to offer.

4. Exact Data

For companies that aren’t opposed to cold contacts, Exact Data is a great fit. You can gain access to audience data and learn the contact information of your target audience in no time at all. Their hand-selected audience lists include everything from physical addresses to email addresses. 

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive was made to create easy pipelines for B2C clients to learn about you and head right to make the sale. This data-powered tool allows you to track your outreach attempts and learn more about which leads are likely to turn into conversions.


6. Wrike

This B2C and CRM tool is made to help teams reach customers and complete projects that empower them to generate even more brand awareness. This multi-use system is designed for internal team use and can help teams to create a perfect path to conversion.

7. Yieldify

Yieldify wants to help small businesses to win over customers and uses dedicated technology to make it happen. Businesses can build B2C setups and create personalized plans for success.

8. Trustmary

Trustmary helps companies to build trust with potential customers by showing them what they care about—brand reputation. Helping companies to make the most out of the good things people say about them, they offer a reputation-based approach to lead generation. 

9. Mail Munch

Focused on emails and newsletters, this lead-generating tool helps you to collect information from potential customers so you can make contact. This system is made to turn anyone who visits your website into a potential lead, giving you a chance to win them over after they leave.

10. Salesmate

Salesmate is a B2C tool that is built around salesmen. Offering email templates and campaigns, as well as power dialling services, is a choice that offers a very direct approach to generating leads. Built to provide reporting to help sales teams make the sale, it makes points of connection easy. 

11. Instapage

Made to make Google Ads more powerful, this landing-page-focused tool offers interactive funnels for customers. Designed to capture the attention of potential leads by offering an engaging experience, the service automates the entire customer journey. 

12. WebFX

This hybrid technology company and digital marketing agency are here to help you find and manage potential customers. With its combined team and system, you can design marketing campaigns and optimize your ad campaigns to yield better results.

The Takeaway

Generating leads can lead to more conversions, and that means more revenue for growing businesses. Using the right tools and strategies, companies can learn how to get in front of their audience and show them everything that their brand has to offer. To start generating leads and optimizing your ad performance, contact OrbitalAds today! We use the power of AI to help you improve campaigns and enhance your visibility.

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