Creating an online advertising revolution

At OrbitalAds, our mission is to transform the world of online advertising by automating and optimizing the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

We believe in the ability of human beings to find and create tools for their own wellbeing, improving the efficiency of their daily lives so they can spend their time developing more important things or simply enjoy life. We believe Artificial Intelligence is the next big tool for humanity.

OrbitalAds’ mission

At OrbitalAds, we want to become a global reference in applying AI and NLP to performance marketing automation. We are not just a product but a platform that underpins these efforts. We want to bring the power of technology to reduce the time people spend creating and managing their campaigns so they can focus on making the strategic decisions that will move their business forward.

People-first culture

Building a great product starts with great people. They are the foundation; they are the ones who both enable innovation and deliver it.

OrbitalAds team

Here at OrbtialAds we embrace openness, transparency, innovation and excellence. Everyone who comes on board embodies these qualities, always sharing ideas, introducing new concepts, and analysing decisions to see where improvements can be made.

Alongside this sits Data, which is of course hugely important to us, so every decision is backed up by facts and figures when we can.

OrbitalAds brings together people with a diverse mix of backgrounds, ways of working and skill-sets. This drives in-depth and interesting discussions which provides us with a broader view of both challenges and potential solutions.

Amazing customers

We don’t just see them as customers; they are our partners. They are collaborative, supportive and constantly challenge us to bring new solutions to their problems. They walk with us all the way to help us develop and become better everyday.

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Want to join the team?

We are on a mission. We are a team of talented people from 10+ countries who have come together to reinvent the world of online advertising. If you think you can help us on that journey we want to hear from you.