Powerful algorithms automatically Optimize Google Search Campaigns at scale

AI Platform that uses semantic targeting to discover high-value keywords for your Google Search campaigns


Companies saving time and money, automating with OrbitalAds

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How our platform works

Our AI platform is designed to solve tedious daily tasks, of managing large multi-lingual data sets, while optimizing your Google Ads Search campaigns.

Business goals

Set your business goals

Establish KPIs for your campaigns, then specify campaigns content requirement. OrbitalAds will do the rest.

Program activity

Choose the best Activity for your account needs

You will be in full control of automated activities, enabling you to run analysis and actions as often as you need.


Observe automatic optimization delivered by OrbitalAds

Sit back and relax, or probably get focused on your strategy, while our AI does the repetitive optimization work for you.

Our powerful algorithms optimize your Google Ads Search Campaigns

Find valuable new keywords

Ad generator product

Improve keyword placement

Ad bidding product

Analyze keyword usage

Ad reporting product

Optimize DSA campaigns

Target product

Discover what OrbitalAds has done for its clients

Client of Google Ads Arts & Entertainment category

CPC decreased by


ROI increased by


ROI increased by


Quality Scores were maintained

This has been the value provided by finding value keywords and adding them in the optimal place after a month.

User Testimonials

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“OrbitalAds has easily adapted to our business model and the constantly changing world of digital marketing. We’ve been able to increase our reach in different target markets globally and, at the same time, grow our business in a sustainable way.”

SEM Innovation Manager

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“OrbitalAds has added a lot of value to our project.”

Director of Digital Strategy

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“The perfect solution for the management of your Google online ad campaigns.”

SEO & Audience Development

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“OrbitalAds is an example of an innovative solution that enables you to achieve exceptional results in your digital marketing campaigns.”

VP of New Business

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“OrbitalAds provides an automated and cost-effective product that optimizes our search terms strategy. It has helped us to improve SEM visibility and increase sales.”

Performance marketing

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“Forget all the hassle involved in organizing your lists. This is SEM done the right way.”

Head of Digital paid media

Certified Google Premier Partner

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We are Premier Google Partners, having been recognized by Google as the leading keyword management and optimization tool for Google Search. This is also recognition by Google, of the value we add to our shared clients, and their support of our continued innovation.

Automated, on-demand optimization for your Google Ads accounts

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to manage and optimize your Google Ads Search Campaigns