Improve your Google Ads campaigns.

OrbitalAds is a tool to better manage Google Ads campaigns, obtaining better results and simplifying management.
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Add keywords

You can automate add the keywords that have a good performance.
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Avoid duplicities and ‘double bid’

Automates the terms that must be paused to avoid duplicate traffic, analyzing all your ads and all search terms.
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Negativize and pause keywords

You can automate pausar or add the Keywords with poor performance as negative.

Group 860

Manage the Quality Score

Automated reports in the periods you choose, at the campaign level, announcement and keyword, to immediately detect improvement opportunities.

Advantages and tasks you can automate.

These are the improvements you can get.

Increase your number of conversions up to 20%.

Reduce the CPC

up to


Improves Quality Score

up to


Increase the number of impressions

up to


Increase the CTR

up to


Increase ROAS

up to


Reduce CPA

up to


Who save time and improve results with our tool?

Lead Generation companies.

Companies that generate qualified leads for brands with AFFILIATE MARKETING MODELS.

Advertisers in Google Ads.

Brands that manage their Search In-House campaigns with their own equipment.

Digital Marketing Agencies.

Agencies that manage digital campaigns for brands.

How do you optimize orbitated campaigns?

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